About the Gallery


October, 1997

Kyoto Seika University Gallery Fleur, operated by the museum department of the Joho-kan (the university library and media center) was opened. The diverse material in its collection totaled around 12,000 items as of March, 2021, and consists mainly of work of art as well as craft and folk material. These are collected, preserved and exhibited at Gallery Fleur, in addition to which special Exhibitions showcasing pieces in the collection and works of art from outside the university, Exhibitions organized by student, graduates and faculty, and thematically planned collection Exhibitions are held. Furthermore, the items from the collection displayed in the permanent collection exhibition room are periodically changed.

March, 1999

Officially designated as a museum-equivalent facility.

March, 2020

Gallery Fleur temporarily closed due to renovation work at the Meiso-kan.

September, 2020

Hon-kan Gallery opened on the first floor of the Hon-kan. Exhibitions organized by students, graduates and faculty held.

January, 2021

Hon-kan Gallery closed.

February, 2021

In line with a comprehensive collaboration agreement with the Eizan Electric Railway Co., Ltd, space was borrowed on the second floor of the Demachiyanagi-eki Building run by the railway company, and Satellite Space Demachi opened. Exhibitions associated with the Kyoto Seika University Graduation Exhibition and Exhibitions organized by students, graduates and faculty held.

February, 2022

Gallery Terra-S opened.